Update of the water quality model application of the Schelde for the year 2014

Setup, calibration and validation is described for a 3D water quality and primary production
model in the Schelde. The area of interest is the Westerscheide. Target variables primary
production and dissolved oxygen concentration were reproduced well. Primary production in
this area is limited by light which is caused by the high turbidity inthis area. The model isgoing
to be usedto estimate the effect of changes in suspended sediment by human activities (such
as dredging) or natural processes (changing run-off) on primary production. An additional
research application will be to disentangle the different processes contributing to the daily
variation in dissolved oxygen, to improve measurements of primary production.

Subtitel: Calibration and validation
Auteur: Willem Stolte, Rudy Schueder
Uitgeverij: Deltares
In opdracht van: Rijkswaterstaat
Thema: Schelde, water quality, primary production, phytoplankton, SPM, light